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Baking Monster Cookies in the Village

During the month that our family lived in Awalmade Village, Papua New Guinea, I learned many things about cooking over an open fire. It's not really knowledge that you can explain verbally, you just kind of get a "feel" for it. For example, knowing how hot the fire has to be to cook but not burn, and when do you need to start "turning down" the heat in order to finish things well.

We made a village pizza by cooking the dough on the first side, then flipping it over, adding the toppings, and covering the skillet to melt the cheese. I have a feeling that if we'd been served this pizza in the U.S., we might've turned our noses up at it. But, in Awalmade Village, it tasted great!!

This is a pot oven. You put about two inches of sand inside and then set some clean tuna cans on top of that. The sand spreads out and holds the heat from the fire so that there is a more consistent temperature inside the oven. Keep the lid on to hold in the heat and you actually h…

Some Things I Learned While Living in a Village in Papua New Guinea

I don't know how many items will be on this list.

It is in no particular order.

I reserve the right to add more items later after my brain has processed this whole experience for a little while longer.

1. It's amazingly easy to forget to brush your teeth in the village.
2. You know how when you feel like you have bugs crawling on you and then you can't NOT think about DO have bugs crawling on you.
3. It gets dark quickly. Start cooking supper early (4:30 at the latest) so you don't have to cook and wash dishes in the river in the dark. If you try to wear a headlamp, humongous flying insects that you've never heard of before will be all over you.
4. Stop fighting the mud. Just stop.
5. Clean is relative. When you wash your self, your laundry, and your dishes in the same river...a stream, really...(see #4)
6. Life without refrigeration is possible. Not nice though.
7. When you finally give up on seeking comfort, you can sleep anywhere. For short, pain…

We've Arrived in Papua New Guinea!

After working and praying so long toward this, it's actually kind of surreal to BE HERE FINALLY!!

Here are a few pictures to let our family know we are well and so you can see a little bit of what our situation is like (for a few days anyway), while we wait for training to begin on June 24th.

Our Commissioning Service & Send-Off Party

The past two weekends, we experienced new milestones in our journey to Papua New Guinea: our commissioning service and a send-off open house. We are so blessed to have so many people who care for us and serve us by participating in our Wycliffe ministry in these ways!

On June 19th, the Evangelical Free Church of Marshalltown commissioned us as the first missionaries from our own church family who will go out as full-time, foreign missionaries. Our pastors and elders shared some scripture and prayed for us as we "go". Though we are the first to go as foreign missionaries, we are not E Free's first efforts in making Christ known to the nations! We are so proud of our church family and their heart for the nations; AND we feel very privileged to represent our spiritual family as we begin our work in Papua New Guinea.

And, we were so grateful to have our grown children, Cady & Lucas (& wife, Alyssa); our grandchildren, Lily & Henry; Tina's parents, Sam & Ka…