About Us

We are Joel and Tina Weber and we are missionaries on our way to Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

In 2012, we completed the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Through the reading assignments and speakers, we began to feel like we could give up life as we knew it and go into full-time, cross-cultural missions. We began praying about what God would want us to do, and through answers to those prayers and some circumstances He orchestrated, we decided to apply with Wycliffe to serve in Bible translation.

One of the biggest touch-points God used to help us in making this decision, was through His Word and speakers, over and over again telling us that He can use us exactly as we are. He made us with our skill-sets and experiences on purpose and to serve in His mission. Wycliffe Bible Translators highly values all kinds of skills and intentionally seeks individuals from every walk of life to help fulfill their mission of translating the Bible into every language that still needs it.

Henry getting a Lily-kiss
We have three children: Cady (Chris) Reimann, Lucas (Alyssa) and Elijah. Cady and Chris have two children, Lily and Henry; our beautiful grandchildren. Of our family, only Elijah will be traveling to PNG with us.

We have completed our full team of prayer and financial partners, making it possible for us to attend the Pacific Orientation Course in Papua New Guinea in July 2016. After those three months of training, we will begin our assignments and contribution toward making God's Word available to the still-waiting languages of Papua New Guinea.


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