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Good-byes and Good Hellos

Well, we have officially finished the first transition in our journey to Papua New Guinea! We have sold and moved out of our acreage home and have moved into a cute little rental home in Marshalltown. When we were at our Equip training in Orlando in June, they taught us the importance of saying good good-byes so that you can say good hellos. So far, so "good".

Here is a little of the photo record of this part of the journey:

We said good-bye to the swing set, rope swing, barn, camp fire and our house of 8 years.

We have enjoyed our hellos to our cute little rental home in Marshalltown. We get to attend last-minute programs at the library, 40 minute grocery shopping trips (as opposed to almost 2 hours), walks on a sidewalk, chatting with neighbors, and a 10-minute drive to church! We have already been able to host two different couples in our home for dinner, in just the past week!

Eli is enjoying long summer days playing with friends for the first time in his life. I think t…