Our Commissioning Service & Send-Off Party

The past two weekends, we experienced new milestones in our journey to Papua New Guinea: our commissioning service and a send-off open house. We are so blessed to have so many people who care for us and serve us by participating in our Wycliffe ministry in these ways!

On June 19th, the Evangelical Free Church of Marshalltown commissioned us as the first missionaries from our own church family who will go out as full-time, foreign missionaries. Our pastors and elders shared some scripture and prayed for us as we "go". Though we are the first to go as foreign missionaries, we are not E Free's first efforts in making Christ known to the nations! We are so proud of our church family and their heart for the nations; AND we feel very privileged to represent our spiritual family as we begin our work in Papua New Guinea.

And, we were so grateful to have our grown children, Cady & Lucas (& wife, Alyssa); our grandchildren, Lily & Henry; Tina's parents, Sam & Karen Herkelman; and Tina's great-uncle & great-aunt, Delbert & Darlene Eakins; present to witness and participate in our commissioning. THANK YOU for supporting us and sending us with your blessings!!

When Pastor Bob invited anyone who wanted to join us on the stage to pray for us and symbolically lay hands on us...WOW! It was overwhelming and turned into a big bawl-fest!!

This past Sunday, June 26th, we had a "farewell" open house and ice cream party. We estimate around 150 people stopped by to give us a word of encouragement, a hug, and to send us on our way. WOW!! It was so wonderful to see so many friends, partners, and loved ones on one day!!

We were able to get a picture with almost everyone who
stopped by to see us. What fun! This is one of my favorites
because of Yohan's sideways look at Joel! :)
We were afraid we would cry a lot with all of the goodbyes, but, really, it was just such a sweet, sweet blessing to see everyone!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended. THANK YOU to everyone who donated ice cream toppings. THANK YOU to our small group, the Tweedys, and the Mattsons for their help in serving us and all of our guests.

Lily & Henry enjoying the party!


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